In order to enable all parents/carers and young people to have clear, comprehensive and accessible information about the provisions and opportunities available to meet special educational needs and disabilities it is a national requirement for schools to publicise their Local Offer.  At Charlton Park Academy we have created this dedicated page on our school website to celebrate and share our Local Offer.


This will be periodically updated and expanded. Our Local Offer includes therapies, accreditation, lunch-time clubs, individual education plans, and so much more.  Please do take the time to read these pages, and if you have any questions or queries contact the academy for further information.


Visit The Local Offer Website to see what’s available for young people with disabilities and their families:

  • Early Years
  • Education
  • Preparing for Adulthood
    The aim of this stage is to ensure that the family begin to prepare for the young person’s transition into adulthood and that they have clear expectations about what options and services are available and are able to make informed choices about the future.
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  • Social Care
  • Training and Employment
  • Health
  • Things to do
  • Money
  • Information and Support


Therapies and additional services

Art Enrichment

Art Enrichment is an opportunity for self-expression without the need for verbal communication. We make two-dimensional and three-dimensional artwork, using a range of materials such as clay, paints, polystyrene, sand and cardboard. The sessions allow time for each student to explore these materials and to discover very creative ways of interacting with their sensory qualities. Sometimes this leads to a finished artwork like a sculpture or painting and at other times the creativity takes place in the exploratory process itself.

The Art Enrichment experience is a dynamic one in the sense that it is open to any creative tangent that might arise. The relationship between the adult and the student is based on a receptivity to clues about where the momentum of creativity is leading. When the adult provides the resources to facilitate that next step, a trust develops. In this way, the student benefits from the connection with the adult, as well as from the well-being that creativity fosters.

You can see some of the work made in Art Enrichment below or here:


CENMAC – Assistive Technology in Education, is a support and advice service based within Charlton Park Academy.  CENMAC is able to work with staff and pupils in the use of assistive technology to support their learning and/or for communication.  CENMAC is able to loan a range of equipment which  is particularly useful when trials are needed to find the best possible solution.  If you want to refer a pupil to CENMAC please contact with the pupil’s name, DOB and brief description of their difficulties.  It is then up to staff to complete the referral form and return it to CENMAC with the requested supporting evidence.  CENMAC will then liaise with the Local Authority to arrange funding.

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In 2002 AllKidsCan (previously ActivKids) developed a fitness development programme to encourage children to lead a more active lifestyle. The programme also provides a ‘level playing field’ and encourages inclusion so that children with special needs can participate equally with their peers.

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Drama Therapy

Drama Therapy is a creative and imaginative way of working therapeutically with people. Through the use of story, myth, play, imagination and character creation, a safe distance is generated for clients to reflect on feelings in a symbolic and indirect way.

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Intensive interaction

Intensive interaction is an approach to teaching the pre-speech fundamentals of communication to children and adults who have severe learning difficulties and/or autism and who are still at an early stage of communication development.

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Mulberry Tree House Centre

Charlton Park Academy have residential provision for medically complex and profoundly disabled young people on an extended day and overnight basis during term time.

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Music Therapy

Over the past year the Music Therapy Service has been doing some research into the transition experience of students joining and leaving Charlton Park Academy.

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Greenwich Services for disabled children and their families.
Service Manager/Contact person: Vicky Lambert
Address: Children’s Therapy Department
Goldie Leigh Lodge Hill
Abbey Wood London SE2 0AY

Tel: 020 8836 8621

Sensory Stories

Developed by Carol Gray in 1991, social stories aim to assist individuals with ASD to develop greater social understanding.


Sherborne Developmental Movement (SDM) is a form of therapeutic intervention, which seeks to engage participants in interactive learning through shared movement experiences, which have their origins in the normal patterns of human development.

Specialist Nursing Service

Specialist Nursing Service for Children at Charlton Park Academy.

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Please download the Children’s community nursing service here.

Speech and Language Therapy (SALT)

At Charlton Park Academy we have a communication team of staff including our Speech and language therapists who work together to ensure all students with various communication difficulties are fully supported.

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The Oxleas NHS Team supporting
students at Charlton Park Academy

There are a number of different health professionals working for Oxleas NHS who provide support to students, parents/carers and staff at Charlton Park Academy.

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Total Communication

Total Communication means that we are open to, respect and support every means of communication. It simply means communicating with students in the best ways accessible to them. It means not just talking but using other and different modes of communication.



We now have PCP wikis (secure easy build websites) for all students at Charlton Park Academy. These secure wikis allow our students to share video, image and documents to those they wish to invite, giving family and professionals accessible information to celebrate their achievements and best support them in their learning and daily life.

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