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LBGT History Month

“That’s so gay!” Homophobic language and school
(Updated Friday 25th August 2017)

How is the word ‘gay’ used in your school? What negative impact can it have on the pupils’ views about homosexuality? Find out with the founder of Inclusion for All, Shaun Dellenty.

For further information on suitable books for your class, please contact Caroline.


Author Pamela Butchart
book cover the spy who loved school dinners

Author of the Month


Pamela Butchart

Pamela was lucky enough to grow up in a house full of pets, have a mum and dad who were bonkers, and go to The Best Most Awesome School in the WorldTM.

Now, Pamela teaches philosophy to teenagers and spends all day pondering questions such as, ‘Is time travel possible?’ and ‘How do I know I’m not really a robot?’ The stories write themselves really… Pamela lives in Dundee with her husband, Andy, and their son, Albie, together with their two cats, Bear & Carlos.

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Ilustrator Yasmeen Ismail
Book cover of I'm a girl

Illustrator of the Month


Yasmeen Ismail

Yasmeen is an award-winning author, illustrator and animator. She studied at art school in her hometown, Dublin, then moved to London where she worked on many different projects ranging from advertising and short films to children’s publishing, until she found herself writing and illustrating picture books.

She would love to make you laugh, have fun and enjoy her books.

She now lives in Bristol with her husband, their toddler and Betty the cat.

student librarian with book trolley

Library News

The Mobile Library is back in action this term, with Kane bringing books to classes that wouldn’t otherwise access the library’s books. Students have really enjoyed choosing from the selection Kane adds to the trolley each week and it will continue all year.

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