Transport to school or college

Local authorities (LAs) have particular duties towards some groups of children and young people who require home to school transport arrangements.

You can check what your child may be entitled to by heading to the IPSEA website.

Transport SOS!SEN – Advice and Information

 Transport to school or college for children and young people with SEND

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Appealing decisions about transport | (IPSEA) Independent Provider of Special Education Advice


ISPEA claims that transport alone is not enough to go to SENDIST for

It recommends ‘If you are unhappy with your LA’s decision about your child’s transport to school, write to the transport section of your LA to ask for a copy of the policy and appeal procedures. Remember, your LA is required to publish this information and make it readily available to you as part of its Local Offer’.

It might be that if the placement is named and out of reasonable distance then it is the LA that accepted / named the placement to be the nearest suitable etc.

Changes to the home to school travel assistance policy, Nov 23

Read Report.

This report makes the following recommendations to the decision maker:

Approve recommended changes to the Council’s home to school travel
assistance policy, including the post-16 travel statement.

The Council has a statutory duty to arrange free travel assistance for eligible children of compulsory school age (5-16), including those with SEND, to allow them to attend school. The Council also offers travel assistance to those aged 16-25 with an EHCP. Most children who currently receive travel assistance from the Council are transported to and from school via bus or taxi.