Leading Parent Partnership Award Vision Statement

Charlton Park Academy’s pursuit of the Leading Parent Partnership Award is a commendable effort to foster a collaborative environment with families and the community.

To meet the award’s criteria, the academy must demonstrate a commitment to developing positive relationships with parents, which includes supporting parents as their children transition through educational stages, and actively involving all parent groups in their children’s learning journey.

Effective communication strategies are essential, ensuring the school is perceived as a welcoming and communicative space. Providing clear guidance to parents on how they can support their children’s learning and development is also crucial. Moreover, establishing robust home-school links and producing parent-friendly policies will contribute significantly to achieving this award.

It is important to maintain a detailed portfolio of evidence showcasing these efforts, including a signed statement of commitment, records of working group memberships, and documented strategies for communication with key partners. By meeting these objectives, Charlton Park Academy can enhance its engagement with families and solidify its role as a supportive educational community.

What does Charlton Park Academy need to achieve the award:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to work towards achieving the LPPA
  • Make and implement effective plans to achieve and maintain the LPPA
  • Show that the school is a welcoming, communicative, and friendly place for parents
  • Promote the awareness and participation of all groups of parents and caregivers in supporting their children’s learning and developing their learning. In addition, the school holds and actively promotes a programme of opportunities and events for joint parent and child participation
  • Provide a good induction for all new parents/carers
  • Provide parents/carers with relevant and user-friendly guidance and information to help them support their children’s learning
  • Produce and implement parent-friendly policies to establish effective home-school links and to improve children’s attendance, punctuality, progress, and positive participation in school
  • Provide good support for all parents as their children move through or leave the school

Leading Parent Partnership Award

The Leading Parent Partnership Award gives schools a coherent framework to deliver effective parental engagement from early years through to post-16.


Raising achievement and improving the life skills and independence for our learners by involving parents and carers in the work of our school. By involving yourself in your child’s education is an exciting challenge, with excellent benefits for your child, for you, for the school and for the local community.

We are using the Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA) to help strengthen our school’s partnership with parents/carers. LPPA is a national award that will provide us with a valuable school improvement tool and also give us recognition for our commitment, contribute to improved pupil attendance and punctuality. Also, parent participation and involvement enhances families’ support in their children’s learning and improves communication between home and school.

Charlton Park Academy achieved the leading Parent partnership award in March 2020-2023. The impact of achieving the award includes parents having a voice and having been given a number of opportunities to influence key priorities including the design and development of the school curriculum in the past academic year. Re-assessment of the LPPA will be carried out from March until December 2023

Observations from the report included: The school is working hard to engage parents and support them to support their children in literacy skills, particularly reading. Parents increasingly have more opportunities to be involved and to network with other parents at the school. This is an important supportive factor for parents who might otherwise feel isolated.

Parents along with their children feel a sense of belonging to the school community. Parents know the staff and staff know the parents well and this benefits the students.

Charlton Park Academy Education School Improvement Plan 2021-2024 


Aims and Objectives: 

At Charlton Park Academy: 

  • We are driven by strong leadership and robust governance, the school drives educational improvement through a dynamic, resilient, and affordable structure, where each student is a powerful learner on their personalised journey towards adulthood.
  • Our school systems provide the framework for our students to grow in maturity and independence and for our staff to continually learn and develop as teachers and leaders.
  • We provide a curriculum that promotes personal development beginning in key stage 2 through to key stage 5, leading to transition to a successful adulthood in the wider community.
  • We offer respite overnight stays during term time in a state-of-the-art building that is designed to replicate a warm family environment with the highest quality of care provided for students.
  • Our response to external factors allows us to strengthen our partnerships with parents and carers, external agencies.
  • We aim to become a model of best practice in education innovation and collaboration that will provide guidance and support locally and nationally through effective partnerships with other providers.
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