Principal: Mark Dale-Emberton

Welcome to Charlton Park Academy

Charlton Park Academy is a Special Academy for students with complex, low incidence special educational needs. We are a well established and very experienced local provider of quality specialised education provision and cater for young people with complex conditions.


We originated as part of the Open Air School movement in the early 1900’s, designed to support young people with medical difficulties whilst growing up in London. We have taken an important part in the successful development of many young people, families and staff over the years. We continuously aim for higher standards of education and care for our young people. We aim to improve our support for families, in this era of austerity; as well as working together with our extended community so we can achieve greater outcomes.

We have friendly and experienced staff who are familiar with working with a wide range of young people with special educational needs – most of our staff have specialist qualifications and experience. We train and mentor all of our staff continuously to improve upon our standards of provision.

We are still developing our excellent facilities and together with families and partnerships, we have achieved some fabulous outcomes for our young people and many return to share their news and successes. We want to support now and in the future, all our young people, parents/carers to develop and transform their lives and assist them in becoming happy and fulfilled both as adults and citizens and who are able to pursue their interests and dreams.

Finally, we hope that you enjoy seeing some of the work we have done on our website, and we welcome every effort to support us on our quest to become a true centre of excellence in all aspects.

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