Admissions to Charlton Park Academy

Admissions are for pupils with EHCPs must state that levels of attainment on entry are in line with low incident special needs. Attainment levels must be at Pre national levels of attainment at year 6 (P1 -P8) for priority placement and in that order.


The admissions ranking system, we will use in priority order are PMLD, SLD or ASD with significant or complex or comorbid learning difficulty. Parents with children from out of borough have to consult with the Principal Registrar via their home local authority directly to the Academy.

The Governors have agreed to a temporary increase in planned numbers for Academic Year 2015/18 to 205 pupils. Until we have additional suitable premises, we can only admit a maximum of 15 pupils per year, (with looked after SEN pupils a priority for admission).

The school recognises that admission to a special school or a change of school generally, can initially be difficult and stressful for both students and parents. For the student, it can be a time of uncertainty and the school therefore aims to make the introduction to school life as friendly, welcoming and supportive as possible.

Any parent/carer will be offered the opportunity to visit the school. (if appropriate against the criteria above).

Link to: Admissions Policy 2017

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