CENMAC at Charlton Park Academy is a unique person-centred support service offering assesssments, reviews and the loan of assistive technology to help children and young people, aged 2 to 25 usually with an EHCP, access the curriculum and/or to communicate.

We look at the abilities and strengths of every child or young person we assess and focus on enabling their potential, giving them a voice, and increasing their independence. Our holistic approach involves a multi-disciplinary team of professionals working together with schools and families to achieve positive outcomes.

We run free online and face-to-face training to help teachers, TAs, SENCOs, parents and carers build confidence using Assistive Technology to better support the children and young people who are using it to assist with their communication and learning. Visit our training page to see our upcoming events.

Link: CENMAC Training

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This online children’s mental health training course developed from our work in schools, enhances professionals’ understanding of children’s mental health and introduces approaches that foster positive wellbeing in schools and communities. We have versions for teachers, student teachers and youth workers.

Link: www.place2be.org.uk


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Anna Freud National Centre
for Children and Families

We’ve created an evidence-based framework so that you can decide on your own approach to mental health and wellbeing in 5 simple steps. Our 5 Steps Framework is developed by mental health experts and teachers, for teachers.

It’s interactive, it’s simple and it’s free. It will help you to support staff, lead change, and engage with parents, carers and the community so that you can meet your pupils’ and students’ needs.

By registering, you can move through the steps at your own pace and update a personalised action planning tool that can be regularly reviewed.

Read our user guide for more information on how to use the framework.

Link: www.annafreud.org


Learn Live

With FREE access to a wide variety of live interactive broadcasts and video on demand with live chat support, you can educate your class on careers and health education.

Link: learnliveuk.com/channel


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AAC Modules

Commissioned by NHS Education for Scotland (NES) as part of the Scottish Right to Speak initiative, CALL Scotland has produced a series of 2 online learning modules on Augmentative and Alternative Communication. Aimed at services, teams or individuals to review their current knowledge and develop best practice, and to ensure positive outcomes for people who use AAC.

Link: www.aacscotland.org.uk/modules


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The National College

Online CPD training courses for Charlton Park Academy staff:
Link: thenationalcollege.co.uk  |  Then sign in and choose the recommended course

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Microsoft Windows Training

Learn how to use Microsoft Windows and get started on creating, designing and editing documents.


Microsoft training page

Microsoft Teams

Download Microsoft Teams: www.microsoft.com/en-gb/microsoft-365/microsoft-teams/download-app


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Future Learning

FutureLearn, an online learning platform, which has partnered with the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and the UK Public Health Rapid Support Team has created a course on tackling the coronavirus.

The course content itself will be updated based on the latest information and it is taught by senior clinical epidemiologists and researchers. We see this as an essential part of helping people stay safe and informed.

You can find the course here

It is completely free for anybody to take and everybody enrolled in the course will be able to access the materials indefinitely. It would be very helpful if you could pass these details on to your staff and parents, and link to this course from your school website or blog.

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Greenwich Safeguarding Training


Do you need training – sign up for free via Greenwich’s online training system and help keep the children of Royal Greenwich safe.

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Make Every Opportunity Count training

Free, one-hour Make Every Opportunity Count e-learning is now available to support all staff and volunteers working across Greenwich.

It helps you know when, where and how to best signpost local people to help improve their health and wellbeing.

Self-register or log in to complete the training now



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Approach Training at Charlton Park Academy

The benefits of Approach Positive Behaviour Training in schools

Principals have a responsibility to keep both staff and children safe in their schools, by providing not only a safe physical environment, but by also promoting an ethos in which the rights of the individual are respected in a learning environment which both challenges and supports.

  •  Is based on team work not just among the adults but including the children.
  • It provides staff with safe and supportive techniques to enable pupils with challenging behaviour to access education and care.
  • It helps both staff and children to learn better ways of having their needs met without the need for physical intervention.
  • When ‘supportive holding’ is necessary it gives children the confidence that they will be supported in a safe ethical manner, with dignity and respect, until they are able to resume control of their own behaviour by well-trained skilled staff.
  • The long term goal is to enable children to maintain control of their own behaviour without supportive holding.
  • Techniques allow supported freedom of movement for those with extreme and unpredictable behaviour.
  • Techniques can be applied very lightly but still provide protection to staff, which will then allow children who have previously been excluded from activities, where they may have posed a threat to others, to take part.
  • It promotes the use of the minimum force for the minimum time and has the student’s best interest at the centre of all we do.
  • It promotes de-escalation without the need for physical intervention.
  • It promotes the use of the least intrusive to the most restrictive techniques with supportive holding being a last resort.
  • Works with the natural movement of the body so staff do not have to rely on power and strength, which increases the confidence of both staff and pupils.
  • Promotes positive relationships between staff and pupils which are consistent and developed through good communication and effective policies.
  •  It Demonstrates how a well-managed incident, even when involving  supportive holding, should lead to growth in relationship and learning for all parties.
  • Adheres to the BILD Code of Practice for the use and reduction of RPIs(4th edition).


BehaviourWatch fills the void between home and school, so no more missing report cards. It lets parents and teachers know how pupils are getting on at school. With real time attendance monitoring, issues can be flagged the moment they arise. BehaviourWatch also caters for children with Special Educational Needs and extra curricular activities.


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Thriving at Work

Mark Dale-Emberton:

As Principal at Charlton Park Academy, I have been considering how we can improve our school for everyone in it. I have secured the Governors backing in this initiative. We believe that it is a good time to make it clearer, that we are going to plan, implement and are seeking to improve and support mental health at work for all staff.

We will need you all to understand what we are trying to do, so we can all help each other improve our working environment, where we spend a significant amount of our life.

Click on the link below to read the document:

Cover of thriving at work booklet

InPrint 2  Getting Started

If you are new to InPrint 2 and would like to get to know the software a little better,
this FREE 45 minute session is an excellent place to start.

During the session our Technical Support team will teach you how to:

  • Use the various tools available in InPrint 2 to create a wide variety of symbol supported
    documents i.e. Picture/Story Books, Recipe Sheets, Activity Sheets.
  • Create Tables ideal for Visual Timetables or Communication Aids.
  • Import your own pictures and personalise your choice of symbols to customise documents.
  • Download and Install ready to use resources from Widgit.com.


Text © Widgit

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LGfL Training Hub

Browse and book, or share a link with colleagues.

Multimedia Advocacy

Discover how multimedia can be used to empower people. Registration is now open for the FREE online course.

Duration of Course: 8 Sessions
Session length: 3 Hours
CPD Accredited
Register online at: www.open.edu

TED Talks Recommended by SLT & Senco Team

TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less). TED began in 1984 as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converged, and today covers almost all topics — from science to business to global issues — in more than 100 languages. Meanwhile, independently run TEDx events help share ideas in communities around the world.



Lots of good topics, including:

Judicium – Health and Safety


Judicium Education now offer a simple and interactive eLearning facility providing access to a comprehensive library of school specific online courses.



  • All staff are required to do:  Health and Safety Basics
  • Others include: H&S in schools, Risk Assessment, COSHH, Accident Investigation, Stress etc.
  • Contact Sue Batstone re login and password
  • Certificates should be printed and given to Nina Randall-Webb

Me-learning – Safeguarding and welfare



All staff are required to do:  Safeguarding Level 1
Others Include: Mental Capacity


  • You are pre-accessed to about 8, but if you click on the library there are others you can do for free – all our relevant to our work.
  • You register yourself on the website for a login and password – please note the response is not immediate.
  • Certificates should be printed and given to Nina Randall-Webb

The Open University

The Open University, established by Royal Charter on 23 April 1969, is the leading university for flexible, innovative and world-leading research in the United Kingdom and in over 100 countries worldwide. Uniquely placed to understand the needs of part-time students, combining their learning while earning, our innovative, award-winning distance teaching credentials have seen over 2 million students receive an education, otherwise denied to them at campus-based universities.

The Open University now has some great free and certificated on-line courses.
As they advertise:  “Dive in and Start Learning” – almost 1,000 courses, topical and interactive content and online games.

There are what they call badged courses – which have to be completed and the assessment passed: www.open.edu/openlearn/get-started/badges-come-openlearn

These are targeted at ’employability’ – options include:

  • Managing Money for Young Adults
  • Developing Career Resilience
  • Facilitating Learning in Practice
  • Leadership and Followership


The Education and Development section of the Free Courses, has some useful ones: www.open.edu/openlearn/free-courses/full-catalogue

Currently available includes:

  • Understanding Dyslexia
  • Dance Skills
  • Teaching for Good Behaviour
  • Perceptions of Corruption
  • Facilitating Group discussions

When any online training is completed please print the certificate for Nina Randall-Webb.

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