Every student has a personalised pathway, this identifies barriers to learning and diagnosis of need. Our goal is for each individual to leave us with the skills and tools needed to move on to their next steps. Our curriculum is highly personalised to the long-term outcomes of the individual and focuses on supporting students to become more independent in all aspects of their lives.

The long-term outcomes are taken directly from the education health and care plan (EHCP) and are reviewed annually. In post 16 our curriculum focuses on 4 key areas: Education, Training and Employment, Friendships, Relationships and community, Independence, and Health. You may recognise these from the preparation for adulthood section of the EHCP.

 Accreditation Opportunities:

Accreditation opportunities are broad, challenging and meet the range of abilities of our students, whilst study programmes build on each learner’s prior attainment and enable them to make progress and move on to a higher level of qualification when they are ready to do so.

Pathway 1 students gain accreditation for Gateway in Maths and English Entry 1 to Level 2 and were appropriate and AS Fine Art.

Pathway 2 students will gain accreditation for ASDAN Life Skills Challenge for English and Maths, and where appropriate Duke of Edinburgh Bronze.

Compass Careers Benchmark Tool

Compass and Tracker are online evaluation and planning tools for schools and colleges in England.

Compass helps you to evaluate your institution’s careers activity against the eight benchmarks of best practice — known as the Gatsby Benchmarks.

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