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CENMAC’s 50th celebratory film about Assistive Technology in Education

A device review of Dragon and Eye-Gaze by a Charlton Park Academy student. This was made in conjunction with James Hobbs and students from the School of Film and TV at Greenwich University.

Text and Film © Greenwich Parent Voice
This film supports our [Greenwich Parent Voice] Embracing Diversity project targeted at issues of disability acceptance in BAME faith communities. Enjoy this short film in which parents speak movingly of their pride in their children.

1000 Londoners – Matt #183
Text ©

1000 Londoners is a unique digital portrait of our city.

Each week, a profile of a Londoner is posted on the home page. The profile contains a 3 minute film that gives an insight into the life of the Londoner, as well as their own personal photos of London and some answers to crucial questions about their views on London life.

Award-winning Film ‘Georgina Goes Out’

‘Georgina Goes Out’ is the winning film from The Mediabox and Channel 4’s Four Docs Filmmaking Competition which was launched in July 2007. Georgina has cerebral palsy and in her film she reveals what it is like to be dependent on care and wheelchair help. It also reveals how she has structured her private life around her disability.

Text © Vimeo

Imagination is a lively, colourful cut-out animation inspired by Matisse paper-cuts. The disabled protagonist escapes from a grey street to an exhibition, where artworks interact with her as her imagination animates them, bringing movement and colour to her world. Lively jazz music reflects her delight, and a poem spoken on her electronic communication aid communicates passion for art and animation and the power of creativity to transform and enrich life.