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The next after school clubs
October 2018

After school clubs letter and registration form
October 2018


New afters school clubs starting at the Charlton Park Academy for the whole school (with option of transport).

We are pleased to announce that we will be finally starting the after school clubs at Charlton Park Academy starting W/C 29 October 2018 for 7 weeks (Last week will be W/C Monday 10 December 2018).

This year the structure of the clubs will be run slightly different which will hopefully work a lot better for you and your child. In recent years the school have been able to substantially reduce the cost to parents by way of funding to support the running of the clubs and therefore we were able to run the clubs at a minimal cost to parents. Charlton Park Academy will still be continuing to support the clubs by offering the premises and buses in kind however not able to offset any cost to parents so therefore costings for parents will also be reflective of the offer in place.

We now have an option of transport which can be included in the cost of the club. Please see below details.

The clubs on offer will be as follows:

Day Activity
Monday Cooking Club  Youth Club
Tuesday Swimming Club
(8 students max)
Multi-sports Club
Wednesday Football Club Creative Club (Art/Music/Dance)
Thursday Stage Right (Drama) Club Swimming Club
(8 student max)
all kids can log written as text

After School Clubs


What does each club consist of?

  • Cooking Club – Using the cookery room in the school, students get a chance at developing skills and confidence cooking and baking and enjoying the results of their own work.
  • Youth Club – A fun-filled social club to develop friendships/life skills from a structured timetable led by staff. Open to all abilities/ages
  • Swimming Club: Swimming club is available on Tuesday and Thursdays using the swimming pool onsite. Each club is limited to a maximum of 8 students and will be chosen on a first come first serve basis
  • Multi-sports Club – A variation of sports activities/AllKidsCan games every week. activities include tennis, basketball, fitness circuits, dodgeball and many more.
  • Football Club – Basic skill practices and understanding of games and competition, a fun way to be active
  • Creative Club (arts/Music/Dance) – Encourages creativity and imagination, activities include painting, crafts, yoga, music sessions and dance.
  • Drama Club – Stage right has been a club running in school for many years which involves singing, dancing and drama leading up to a performance at the end of term for parents and class members. Perform


3:15pm – 4:45pm
£15 excluding transport
(All parents/carers will need to pick up from main reception area)

3.15pm – 4.45pm
£20 including transport
(Drop offs between 4.45pm – 5.15pm)


If parents apply for transport this will be provided for designated drop off points only. These drop off points will be agreed once the deadline has passed for registrations and we know what students will be attending. When we have all registrations we will contact parents to arrange what/where drop off points will be. Parents will be contacted when transport is 10 mins away and parents will be expected to pick up promptly to avoid delays for other parents. Transport for students will be organised at the start of the course and will not be able to be added or taken away from bookings once courses have started.

NO payment is required until places have been confirmed. You will receive an email or letter to confirm allocated places beforehand. All payments will be due prior to the start of the course’s W/C 29th October 2018. Unfortunately, we will not be able to take your child on the course unless payment is received or confirmed before the start date of your child’s course.

The after school clubs are charged at £15 per session (£105 for 7 week course) and/or £20 including transport home (£140 for 7 week course) . All courses will run this term for 7 weeks Until W/E 14/12/2018 . We have three methods of payment available to parents as listed below

  • Cash/Cheques
  • Card Payment
  • Direct Payments

If you intend on paying for your place via Direct Payments then you will need to confirm that this is possible with CDWT team (call 0208 921 2599 or email We are now also able to take card payments by calling our head office.

All after school clubs are allocated on a first come first serve basis and are limited to a maximum number of students, all return slips should be sent into school via your child’s school contact books or alternatively dropped directly to the main school office.

If you have any queries regarding payments or feedback about the courses, please feel free to contact either Chris Eather or Rebecca Mason

Chris Eather: or 07785 794 274
Rebecca Mason: or 07714 739 780

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