The Jack Petchey Foundation was established in 1999 to support organisations that work with young people aged 11-25. Since its formation over £85 million has been distributed.


At Charlton Park Academy we select winners by year group on a monthly basis. The School Council votes on the winner after nominations have been made by classes.

February 2022 Winner

Congratulations to our February winner for Jack Petchey – Marvin. Marvin has received the award for his progress in interacting with his peers, expressing himself and independent work tasks. Well done Marvin.


Jack Petchey Awards 2021
Roll of Honour

  • January – Paige
  • February – Isaac
  • March – Tehillah
  • April – Emmanuel
  • May – Levi
  • June – Cameron
  • September – Chloe
  • October – Fabian
  • November – Harvey


Leader Award 2021

  • Bryher 


Levi is now in year 10. He arrived at Charlton Park Academy with a lot of anxiety and anger having missed school for 18 months. His adaptation to the school environment was difficult and he would often say ‘I should not be here’. Over his first 2 years at CPA Levi displayed aggressive and non-cooperative attitude, his language could be colourful and on occasions he bullied other students. Levi has made huge progress, his behaviour is outstanding, he supports other students when asked to and self-regulates his anger when he needs to. He knows that he can trust the adults around the school and has displayed a lot of understanding and compassion. During the lockdown period he came back to school and was paired with another student who is on a much lower level than he is. He was fantastic and really enjoyed himself. I believe this trying period has been very beneficial for Levi, he had to do a lot of growing up in a short period of time.
In my eyes and looking at where we started, Levi should be rewarded and recognised for outstanding progress and becoming a role model to many students around school. 


Cameron has been a standout student in the gym with his class. He is a hard worker and someone who has demonstrated fantastic listening and observational skills. Whatever is asked of him he works hard at and he demonstrates brilliant ability on the strength equipment and Kinesis machine. His latest session Cameron was able to work on his pulling and pushing independently for the first time without the need of assistance from Oliver or Lewis. 


Paige has slowly grown into using the gym and has worked well throughout her sessions. Her growing confidence is what has impressed me the most and finding her voice to ask for specific equipment and routines has been great to see. She has begun to transition from walker to strength equipment and takes part in all activities from warm up to cool down. Her specific programme is different to the rest of the class but she is keen to be part of the group activities and despite being slightly unsteady and slower with her walking has challenged herself to complete treadmill tasks along with everyone else. She always works hard and it has been great to see her begin to progress and develop her training. 


We would like to nominate Emmanuel for the Jack Petchey award as he has shown great improvement in all his subjects in class. When Emmanuel first arrived at Charlton Park Academy, he found it very difficult to express himself verbally, or in writing. He also had difficulty using a laptop. Through hard work and determination on his part and collaboration with staff, Emmanuel`s speech is much clearer, and his handwriting is much neater and legible. Emmanuel has learnt his Phonics and the colours and he is able to access the laptop with minimal support, for example he uses his calendar within Teams to join his remote lessons and during Vocational studies he has been using his laptop to create codes. Emmanuel`s ability to stay on task has also improved so that he only needs minimal support to focus. Emmanuel has consistently completed homework daily which has also helped with the improvements he has made. Emmanuel can now read simple books and spell 2-3 letter words. His listening skills have improved greatly, and he is able to answer questions when asked in most subjects. Emmanuel is always motivated to learn and do better. He is sociable, friendly, happy, polite and helpful i.e. cleaning the tables and the end of the day and putting things away in class. 


Tehillah has coped with the changes over the year 2020/21 with remarkable resilience. She was always happy to hear familiar staff and student voices when we rang her family during lockdown to check on her wellbeing and when her parents asked for her to return to school on a part time basis, she managed the change in expectations really well and built a incredibly strong relationship with a member of staff who she will always seek out now for reassurance and clarification. She enjoyed the adapted curriculum and could indulge her interest in sewing, using the sewing machine one to one and also hand sewing, and meal preparation with far greater levels of independence than we had asked for in class before. 
Since September, she has definitely regained the swing in her step coming back to school full time and is settled and able to express herself and her own wishes much more clearly. Despite the differences this year has thrown at her, she has adapted and thrived. 


Harvey has been nominated for the Jack Petchey award for a huge improvement in his attendance levels this year. Last year, Harveys attendance level was very low however, this year over a short period of time, this has improved immensely. Harvey is showing a good level of interest and engagement in his work which is steadily improving. His confidence levels are rising, he is participating more and is also showing signs of being a great team player. On several occasions, we have noticed Harvey attempting to encourage and help his peers particularly his table partner. He is also able to work independently and seek out support when necessary. During our morning reading sessions, we have noticed that Harvey has taken a great interest in fictional books particularly books on mythological beasts and magical monsters. We thoroughly enjoy engaging in conversation about themes surrounding these books as clearly this genre of books sparks his interest. He shows good level of resilience and determination to achieve and aspire. Across all subjects Harvey continues to demonstrate a positive attitude towards his learning and development. It is thoroughly enjoyable to work with Harvey and we believe he should be rewarded for all his hard work and dedication. 


Fabian has been nominated for year 9 in recognition of the progress he made in year 8 holistically, making achievements in communication, socially, academically and physically. When Fabian transitioned to year 8, he was a shy boy who had no confidence in his abilities socially or academically and simply went with the flow. Over the course of the year, he went from strength to strength, developing a sense of himself as a person and as a learner. His confidence grew which enabled him to submerge himself into learning, embrace new skills and thrive with achievements, not only meeting his targets but challenging himself and excelling above in many of them. Due to being shy, Fabian spoke very little in the first instance but with new found relationships and confidence, he soon found that he was able to express himself and be heard which gave him a platform to engage with a range of peers, adults and most importantly his family using both expressive and receptive skills. Lastly, Fabian was set a physio programme to support him in developing his mobility, strength and core skills. He not only embraced this and participated in it daily but took ownership of it, knew when he needed to do it and learnt his exercises so that he was able to recall his programme and become independent in application of these skills. 


Chloe has shown such maturity being in the 6th form and helps her fellow students when they need support. She recently lost her stepfather and has been a great comfort to her mum who is also looking after Chloe’s Nan. Chloe helps to push a student when asked in his wheelchair and did this when we went for our mindfulness walking. Chloe has had a lot to deal with emotionally but has been extremely resilient and will also ask for help from the school counsellor and her teacher. Chloe has certainly grown in maturity since joining post 16. She always completes her work, attempting everything unaided, asking for help only when required. She even asks for extra work in order to push herself further. She’s a great team player, always offering to help staff and students if she sees a job that needs doing. She supports her peers in many ways: sorting out their IT problems, Chloe has taught her peers to navigate TEAMS and helps them with any connection problems. Chloe helps her friends learn by supporting them to do things for themselves rather than doing it for them. 


During the period of lockdown when students were at home, Isaac had a new addition to his family, a new baby. Within regular contact with Isaac’s mum, she stated that Isaac at first was unsure of his new sibling, but gradually over time Isaac began to take an interest in them. His mum also reported that Isaac was doing well at home and she was encouraging him to become independent doing little things for himself. Since, Isaac has arrived back to school there has been a remarkable improvement within Isaac’s attitude towards learning. He will sit and engage within the lesson that is taking place and when given an instruction to sit at his workstation, he will sit and complete the work that has been set, relying less on adult support. Isaac has grown in confidence and maturity during the period of lockdown and this is reflected in his attitude towards learning and being in class. 

Bryher with her award

Leader Award

Bryher lead the move of Rainbow House into Mulberry Tree House and got it fitted out to high standards for the students to be able to engage with activities and resources. Bryher led the staff team in the move and in adapting to changes. Bryher also supported the whole school involvement in horticulture and organised delivery of Mr Muck organic compost for all students to use. Bryher actively encourages all students to participate in preparation, growing and then harvesting of products.