Beekeeping in 2023

Beekeeping season has officially started. TJ is taking part in beekeeping work experience. He was able to help welcome our new colonies in their new homes. Very calm and confident he will support other learner access this unique environment.

Beekeeping in 2022

Berenger Allee explains how a fascination for bees is opening up the curriculum for pupils at his school.

Special Child Magazine, February 2018

Beekeeping In The Curriculum
Special Child issue: 241


An update about our developments as a food growing school by our principal Mark Dale-Emberton (June 2017)

Together with our successful organic gardens and vegetable growing – with our Trugs all around the school site, as part of Capital Growth initiative – we are trying to improve our harvest by keeping especially friendly Brown Honey Bees on site, (in areas that children don’t frequent).

We are hoping that in due course our new ‘Flow Hives’ will be producing some fresh honey for students to enjoy. We are setting up some observation hives, with some cameras, sensors linked with computers for our students to be able to watch safely the harmony of community living in a bee hive.

We have a number of staff who are trained bee keepers and will ensure that we follow safe working practices on site. The inventor of ‘Flow Hives’ is planning a visit in June and has kindly donated an extra hive to support our efforts. Check out the invention which is much more bee friendly at

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