Student Wellbeing Champions

The Student Wellbeing Champions are a group of students who have volunteered to be part of this important team. We meet every Wednesday to talk about how we can support other students with wellbeing.

The Student Wellbeing Champions all agree that they would like to help everyone to remember to be kind, help and respect each other and to always be yourself.

What is wellbeing?

Wellbeing is how we are doing and how we feel everyday about our lives. We can look after our wellbeing by looking after our physical, emotional, mental, and social health.

Sunshine Day News

It is important that we all look after our wellbeing so our Wellbeing Champions have decided to create Sunshine Day News written by our students for our students. This newsletter includes tips and advice about wellbeing as well as fun activities, songs, stories and more.

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Wellbeing Champions

Our Student Wellbeing Champions Team – Felicity, Kristian, Temi, Pese and Regan (not pictured)

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