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Students on work experience at Woodlarks

National Careers Week 2021 – Feedback

As part of NCW a survey was sent out to parents/carers about their children’s future careers and aspirations. Plus, students got their say too:


What aspirations do you have when your child leaves Charlton Park Academy?

‘To be as independent as possible, have interests or hobbies she can pursue in community.

For my son to continue with his education by going to a specialist college.
I want him to be independent.

For my son to be healthy, happy and to enjoy whatever opportunities may come his way.

For my child to go to a place where he can learn domestic skills living skills.’


Is employment a realistic outcome for your child?

‘Employment would be realistic for my son.

I would like to see my daughter within employment.

I would like that, but I’m not confident that will be an outcome.

I hope so.

I’m not too sure at present, although I would love for employment to be an opportunity for him.’

What jobs would you like to do in the future?

Here are some of the popular answers:
‘Bus Driver, Teacher, Nurse, Taxi Driver and Vet’