Student Life and Activities

Spring Term 2 – Summer Term 2020

Since the COVID-19 situation students have been home learning and also being very creative and keeping teachers up-to-date with their activities.

Boy making chocolate rice krispy cakes

Brenden and his mum making chocolate rice krispy cakes with his mother.

Left: Marco with his brother who supports his home learning.


Robbie (left) was really pleased to receive his letter from the British Prime Minister, so his mother recorded him reading it and shared it with us.


Positively Empowered Kids
Text and video © Positively Empowered Kids


An interview with inspirational Charlie, 15yrs old with cerebal palsy and autism. During COVID-19 he created an amazing window display of flags from countries that have coronavirus. He has had 21,000 likes on just one post, with thousands more on further posts. Here is a young person taking action to manage his anxiety during this time and shares his advice for other young people and their families.

Thanks NHS posters and Key Workers Bunting

Students have been busy in class making ‘Thanks NHS’ rainbow posters for the window.Well done to all for good concentration and being very creative.

Easter and Home Learning Activities

National Pet Month 2020

Families have been sending in photos of their beloved pets to celebrate National Pet Month which aims to raise awareness of responsible pet ownership through educational campaigns, celebrate the benefits of pets and encouraging fundraising for the nation’s needy pets.

(Left to Right) Students with their beloved pets: Robbie and Patch, Myeisha and her dog, Jacob and Bella, George and Marley, Elliott with his dog, Alfie with Max and Alice with her rabbit.

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