Key Stage 3 and 4

Pathway Overview


We have created three pathways for our students to follow. This ensures that they receive an appropriate curriculum offer that will support them to make good progress and enjoy their time at school.  Each pathway has its own foci but it is possible for students to move from one pathway to another as they develop and learn.


Our Pathway One students are taught mainly by specialist teachers, though they will have a class tutor who carefully oversees their academic life and general well-being.  On this pathway students are encouraged to work with considerable independence and by KS4 they are also encouraged to take on roles of responsibility within the school, such as working as assistants at lunchtime clubs and helping to run the library. They have access to a range of accreditation for different subjects but at the same time, there is a great emphasis on them continuing to develop independent living skills.

Our Pathway Two still contains a large sensory element but students at this stage are more independent, spend more time on developing their knowledge of different subjects, such as English, Maths, Science, DT and Music. Some of their classes will be taught by a range of specialist teachers. In Key Stage 4 they also have the opportunity to choose subject options of their choice for example Art, Music and Design and Technology.

Pathway Three is designed for students to develop as learners and individuals by exploring the world around them in a sensory and more holistic way.  The students on this pathway have a highly Individualised curriculum and spend most of their time with the same class teacher and staff team.  Their days are carefully divided up into short periods of time where they learn through sensory experiences and input about different aspects of the world around them but also very importantly how to develop communication, daily routines, self-regulation and independence.

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