Universal Credit Managed Migration Advice Sessions

Universal Credit managed migration advice sessions:

Once the client has a Universal Credit Managed Migration Notice letter, they can attend the below session, the session are on a first come first service basis.

When and where the sessions take place:

The sessions run every Tuesday from 10am to 12pm at the Woolwich Centre, Wellington Street, Woolwich, SE18 6HQ.

These are drop in sessions and you do not need to book an appointment.

We need you to bring:

  • your Migration Notice letter
  • your national insurance number, if you have one
  • details of your housing costs, including how much you pay for rent or a mortgage, and who lives with you
  • details of any childcare costs you may have
  • details of how much you earn from work and any other income you may have, including income from benefits
  • information about any savings and investments you have, such as shares or a property that you rent out
  • details of the bank account you would like your Universal Credit to be paid into

Kind Regards


Rhian Harries

Welfare Rights Caseworker

Welfare Rights Service

Advice & Benefits Service

Royal Borough of Greenwich