SeeAbility Survey Results and Information

Firstly we wanted to thank you all for your promotion of the parental survey we ran on the service we provide in your school. We were delighted with the response rate, nearly 20% of parents responded and the feedback has been brilliant (and of course a few comments on areas for improvement which we’re taking on board).

See results of survey here.

• 97% of parents are happy with this NHS funded service
• 98% would recommend to other parents
• 98% were happy with the glasses their child had received
• 93% said they understood more about their child’s vision after receiving the service

You can read more here.

If you have an opportunity to share with parents in your newsletters please do! And we always welcome support for the service on social media see @SeeAbility twitter feed here.

Unfortunately as you know it is still unclear what happens after 31 July 2023 for the existing NHS funded service, as we are still waiting to hear the outcome of the evaluation that NHS England commissioned. However we have passed these results on to the evaluation team and also to the Minister responsible for eye care, Neil O’Brien MP, after meeting him a number of weeks ago to talk about the benefits of this programme. However, whether funding continues from the NHS or not, we will endeavour to carry on the service in our existing schools indefinitely.

For SeeAbility we’re determined to keep promoting the benefits of the service, but with an eye on worst case scenario of NHS breaking its promise and withdrawing funding, we would really welcome any offers from headteacher colleagues who would be prepared to speak about the need for this service in the media.

We’re hoping it will not get to the stage of having to campaign all over again but if it does, would you be willing to be a spokesperson alongside us? Do let me know.

In the meantime please do keep in touch. We are now having to additionally manage changes in the way NHS wants us to dispense glasses and in particular spares and repairs but will be doing all we can to ensure this runs smoothly for children, parents and schools.

Once again, thank you for all your support the past few years to make this essential service possible.

Kind regards



Malvi Patel

Clinical Lead Optometrist
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