Spring 2021

Hello from Class St James Park

We have been taking part in Red Nose Day. We have been telling jokes, making silly face masks and had an Egg Challenge. Students are in the Red or Blue Team. They have to keep the egg with a member of the team at all times. If the egg is not with a student, on the table or on the floor a forfeit has to be completed by that team. Forfeits include 1 min of squats or marching. This was to fit in with The One Show, Red Nose Day Nose and Spoon challenge. We also had an Egg and Spoon Race. Staff and students also swapped places. Lyn and Lisa became students and two students became the staff.

Summer 2020

In the latter part of the spring term we entered lockdown and everything changed for everyone. However, some students were in school and continued doing some amazing work.

Autumn 2019

This term students have been covering Nationwide events such as Dahl Day, National Poetry Day, Remembrance and as well as being inspired to create amazing work of their own.

Woollen Christmas decoration

Class Notting Hill Gate made some beautiful woollen Christmas decorations.

Stage Right performance

Our brilliant actors performed their Christmas 2019 show for friends and family.


Post 16 marked Movember with a photo-booth session and baking.

Post 16 with tree saplings

Class Holland Park received several tree saplings for National Tree Planting Week.

Child painting fireworks

Class Euston had a lot of fun splashing paint to create their bonfire pictures.

Class Euston had a lot of fun splashing paint to create their bonfire pictures.

Autumn collage with mon printing and natural resources

Autumn Landscape, made collaboratively with students from Class Hyde Park.

Four children holding carved pumpkins

Class London Bridge reminded us about their excellent pumpkin carving skills.

Student cleaning chicken coop

It was Class Cyprus’s turn to clear out the chicken coop and check on the rescue chickens.

All is well with the rescue chickens in their extended home.

Boy recording for a radio show

Students recording the weather in Class Knightsbridge for broadcasting on Maritime Radio Station, 96.5 FM.

Young woman reading a book

Student reading ‘It’s a No-Money Day’ which was donated to our library  – A powerful read.

A poem about war

Text © National Poetry Day

National Poetry Day generates an explosion of activity nationwide, thousands of amazing events across the UK – in schools, libraries, bookshops and hospitals, on buses, trains and boats – all celebrating poetry’s power to bring people together. 2019 is the 25th anniversary of National Poetry Day – expect the celebrations to run all year long.

student enterprise work
Three students holding a book

Class Wimbledon created their own fully illustrated fairytale for the library, based on Hansel and Gretel, including the whole class as characters!

Christmas card illustration