Autumn Term 2019

The Charlton Park Academy’s new build had been taken a step further by a recent graduate of ours using Minecraft.

Tom said: This short film shows the building of a Minecraft scale replica of Charlton Park Academy. This includes a planned new extension and the original school. It was made using scale map architect plans and the original plans of the building, adapted for Minecraft blocks.

Building site in school in Charlton

The area of the new build is currently a building site. (Autumn 2019)

Summer Term 2019

The Charlton Park Academy’s new build is something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by our Post 16 students. Excited and curious to know more about it, we went through this ambitious architectural design and decided to create in a scale model of it.

We have started by looking at the 2D project and used cardboard to make prototype. We then explored a single room in order to understand and learn about work in scale. Through this process, the students have had the opportunity to develop their numeracy skills as well as drawing using 3D programs. After doing some research and experimenting we have started to build our final wooden model.

Creative Enterprise: Vitor Lopes

Summer Term 2018


It has been a fantastic year for the Enterprise project. Post 16 students have undertaken their projects with great enthusiasm and their wonderful work is a perfect reflection of it.

Through this programme our students have been able to plan and set up a school business, generating real profit – with all funds raised being used to purchase new Enterprise learning resources. All participants have been developing essential skills including creativity/ innovation, independence, practical, entrepreneurship and having fun along the way! The students have worked with different challenges, developing a new design product and taking it ‘off the paper’ by creating  prototypes and fixing design problems. Once confident in their final product they then learnt marketing skills – estimating costs and fixing a final price. Then we looked for partners outside of the school.

We will start exhibiting and selling the work at school from the 17-19 July 2018. We also will be selling our products at a Greenwich shop soon – check out our progress via Twitter @Charltonsch.

Creative Enterprise: Vitor Lopes

Can your business support Charlton Park Academy students on work experience?

If the answer is yes …
… then please contact Kurt Knoche, Work Experience Lead or Catherine Thompson

Tel. 020 8249 6844


We have had a very positive time here on the Woodlarks Work Experience Project, with some really great work being done by our students. It never ceases to amaze us how skilful our young people are. We recently had a delivery of sand and soil which required moving. The only possible way of moving such large quantities was with a mini digger and dumper truck. All of our students on the project used the digger to load the dumper and each student was focused, while listening to instructions and operating the equipment.

This term we are very pleased that we are running an accredited course through the OCN, so all students who attend the course will receive a certificate. Work that our students have been doing this term includes cutting the grass (a never ending job at this time of year), carpentry, replacing the woodland path ‘tapping rails’, mixing and pouring concrete, grounds clearance, administration, site safety inspections and working with a local blacksmith on a variety of different projects from design to completion. They have also used a commercial roller to level the grass after a very large tree was felled on to the grass

As always, we are very proud of our students and what they achieve here. Without their input Woodlarks would not be in as good condition as it is, thank you all.

Woodlarks Lead: Nick Richards