Post 16 Cultural Sessions

Students enjoy their World and Culture sessions every Friday. They have the opportunity to explore national celebrations through music, food, games and be part of the Post 16 community. Volunteer Matthew Goodsell  said: Taking part in the cultural events at Charlton Park Academy on Friday afternoons has been a joy and a privilege. It gives students the chance to taste different cultures and aspects of culture from across the globe. London is, after all, a world city: a multicultural plethora of people from all over the globe. 

ARCHIVE 2018-19

Creative Enterprise Exhibition Project

It has been a fantastic year for the Creative Enterprise Project. Post 16 students have undertaken their projects with great enthusiasm and their wonderful work is a perfect reflection of it.

The students have worked with different challenges, developing a new design product and taking it ‘off the paper’ by creating  prototypes and fixing design problems. Once confident in their final product they then learnt marketing skills – estimating costs and fixing a final price. Then we looked for partners outside of the school.

Duke of Edinburgh Silver Expedition

At the end of June 2018 students went on their practice expedition for their Silver DofE Award. Well done to those students who completed the very challenging Silver Award: ConnorShane and Jake.

Duke of Edinburgh – Bronze Award

The students participated in activities that allowed them to demonstrate their ability to act as volunteers and to develop their artistic and physical skills. The students who completed the Bronze Award deserve a mention: Tyreck, Kamil, Dhruv, Zak, Taylor, Aaron and Giovanna.

Public speaking

Post 16 collaborated with the University of East London on a Rix Wiki project, and spoke about the experience. Plus, one student attended a parent/carer meeting to explain to a parent in BSL how to get the best out of the Wiki for their child.

Creative Post 16

Our students have been creating artwork for the Greenwich Parent Voice’s event Embracing Diversity to creating beautiful ceramics and personal projects.