Wellbeing apps for kids

Helping your child manage their health and wellbeing is a top priority for many, which is why so many apps exist for this. We have found some of the best and most popular wellbeing and mindfulness apps for you and your family.

From recognising emotions to practising mediation techniques, these apps offer a range of ways to manage wellbeing.

Whilst these apps can be useful, they are not a replacement for seeking professional medical advice. See our resource page for more advice.

Universal Credit Managed Migration Advice Sessions

Universal Credit managed migration advice sessions:

Once the client has a Universal Credit Managed Migration Notice letter, they can attend the below session, the session are on a first come first service basis.

When and where the sessions take place:

The sessions run every Tuesday from 10am to 12pm at the Woolwich Centre, Wellington Street, Woolwich, SE18 6HQ.

These are drop in sessions and you do not need to book an appointment.

We need you to bring:

  • your Migration Notice letter
  • your national insurance number, if you have one
  • details of your housing costs, including how much you pay for rent or a mortgage, and who lives with you
  • details of any childcare costs you may have
  • details of how much you earn from work and any other income you may have, including income from benefits
  • information about any savings and investments you have, such as shares or a property that you rent out
  • details of the bank account you would like your Universal Credit to be paid into

Kind Regards

Rhian Harries

Welfare Rights Caseworker

Welfare Rights Service

Advice & Benefits Service

Royal Borough of Greenwich

Friends of the Bees Newsletter

In this FOHB Newsletter, we share more ideas for projects you can try. Keep sending in news and updates; it‘s a great way to share who you are and what you‘re doing. And ‘thank you‘ to everyone who sent in ideas and pictures for this edition.

Different flowers produce different coloured pollens and attract different insects. Which plants could you grow this term? Have you tried growing sunflowers? They don’t produce much nectar, but bees love them because they produce LOTS of pollen, which bees need to raise their brood! Perhaps you’d like to grow bee balm, although some people call it bergamot. It smells like a mix of mint and citrus and produces lots of nectar, which bees collect and turn into honey. For more ideas about bee-friendly plants for summer months visit our summer plants webpage.

Please email your news, pictures and updates to – schools.officer@bbka.org.uk.

Information About Legal Aspects To SEN, by Douglas Silas

GPCPF Parent Carer workshops, March to July 2024

We are pleased to let you know about several workshops we are hosting in partnership with Health, Social Care and Education.

Download full list of workshops.(opens in new tab)

Following on from requests from parents to host workshops in a number of different, please see our what we hope will be a rolling calendar of workshops regularly . If you would like to be kept up to date about what we do, our meetings and events – become a member JOIN US – Greenwich Parent Carer Participation Forum (greenwichpcpf.org(opens in new tab)) and join our community Facebook(opens in new tab) and a whats app group.

Please see details about each session with Eventbrite links , if you have any questions please email us on admin@greemwichpcpf.org

All sessions will be online

Greenwich Parent Carer Participation Forum, Spring 2024 Video

Check out the new video from the Greenwich Parent Carer Participation Forum.

On behalf for the GPCPF CIC Team
Kohinoor Rahman Director and PT Administrator

If you would like to contact our Chair – Kafayat Eletu please email her on kafayat.eletu@greenwichpcpf.org

If you would like to talk to Carol Foyle Director and P/T Parent Participation Worker 07852101492 ( leave a message)

Greenwich Parent Carer Participation Forum CIC (GPCPF CIC) company no:13953720
www.facebook.com/groups/gpcpf/(opens in new tab)

Attachment & Attuned Interaction Workshop

What is covered in the Attachment & Attuned Interaction workshops?

These sessions are run by Educational Psychologists for expectant parents wanting to learn how to communicate successfully and build an emotional bond with their children. The focus of these groups will be on the emotional impact of having a child and how parents and their babies can start to build a relationship of trust, respect and fun together.

Sessions will include explicit teaching of attachment theory and will draw on theory and application Video Interactive Guidance (VIG) which is proven to support rewarding relationships between children and parents, boost a child’s brain development and emotional well-being, and is recommended by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE).

Dates and times of 2024 sessions
Sessions will take place Friday afternoons from 1.30-3pm, on the following dates:
23rd February, 1st & 8th March
19th & 26th April & 3rd May
7th, 14th & 21st June
13th, 20th & 27th September
8th, 15th & 22nd November
29th November, 6th & 13th December

Attendees should attend all 3 sessions.

Target groups
Places are prioritised for the following target groups:
Black and Global Majority Families
Families with Children with a Special Educational Need or Disability (SEND) and/or parents that have SEND
Fathers and co-parents
Young mothers

The Training Room
Storkway Children’s Centre
Kidbrooke, London’ SE3 9QX

PLEASE NOTE. You must be signed up with Storkway Children’s Centre in order to attend sessions.

> Find out more

Lewisham Refugee and Migrant Network Information

LRMN exists to empower refugees and other migrants and to bring about systemic change to remove the challenges they face. We have been providing free, independent and confidential advice to refugee, asylum seeker and migrant communities for over 25 years. Today we work with thousands of people from all over London to help them access services needed to flourish in their local community.

Find out more by visiting our website or see our useful downloads below.

LRMN Migrant Hub Presentation To GAN

GAN Slides

NRPF Information Leaflet Final

NRPF Presentation 5th December 2023

PCLC Leaflet

Free Circus Classes

Join us at AirCraft Circus Academyand learn exciting new aerial andacrobatic skills!

Download the full flyer with all the information.

In these fully funded* weekly sessions you willlearn exciting skills in aerial hoop, aerial silks,juggling, hula hoop, and much more…

*conditions apply

Monday 8th January – Monday 25th March 2024

(No class on Monday 12th February 4.30 – 6pm)

AirCraft Circus AcademyThames-Side Studios
Unit 7A Mellish House
Harrington Way
SE18 5NR

0208 317 8401

Food Bank Donation

We want to ensure that no one in our CPA community goes hungry- we are signing up to Greenwich Foodbank to look at supporting those in crisis to work to combat poverty and hunger especially as there is a cost-of-living crisis.

Greenwich Foodbank | Helping Local People in Crisis

Also- at CPA we thought we would organise our food bank donation service so we are asking if anyone can support and buy extra tins/cereal bar/flour etc and send this on or drop it off in reception. We will hold the donations safely in school and hand them out to families when needed.

If there is anyone who needs additional support with regards to food donations please let me know.

Kind Regards

Sara Johnson

Parent Liaison

Changes to the home to school travel assistance policy

Read Report.

This report makes the following recommendations to the decision maker:

Approve recommended changes to the Council’s home to school travel
assistance policy, including the post-16 travel statement.

The Council has a statutory duty to arrange free travel assistance for eligible children of compulsory school age (5-16), including those with SEND, to allow them to attend school. The Council also offers travel assistance to those aged 16-25 with an EHCP. Most children who currently receive travel assistance from the Council are transported to and from school via bus or taxi.

Effective conversations about medication for autistic children and young people and those with a learning disability

Parents and carers tell us it can be hard to get the right information and advice about medication for their child who is autistic, and/or has a learning disability. This guide is based on conversations with parents and carers and professionals. It provides information and tools to support effective conversations about medication.

Have a look at the guide.

This guide aims to support good conversations about decisions to start, continue, change or stop medication for children and young people. It is for:

  • Parents and carers of autistic children and young people or those with a learning disability.
  • Any professionals who prescribe medication for children and young people who are autistic or have a learning disability, like a general practitioner (GP), pharmacist, nurse, psychiatrist or paediatrician.
  • Other professionals supporting this group of children, like teachers, SENCOs, social workers, staff in child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) – anyone whose job it is to keep children safe and well.

Transport SOS!SEN – Advice and Information


 Transport to school or college for children and young people with SEND

 Also read

Appealing decisions about transport | (IPSEA) Independent Provider of Special Education Advice



ISPEA claims that transport alone is not enough to go to SENDIST for

It recommends ‘If you are unhappy with your LA’s decision about your child’s transport to school, write to the transport section of your LA to ask for a copy of the policy and appeal procedures. Remember, your LA is required to publish this information and make it readily available to you as part of its Local Offer’.

It might be that if the placement is named and out of reasonable distance then it is the LA that accepted / named the placement to be the nearest suitable etc.

Citizens Advice Greenwich – Free Impartial Independent Confidential Information & Advice

Are you worried about money? Do you need help claiming benefits? Do you have concerns about housing?


The service is offered by supervised volunteers and is part of their training to become certified advisers.

For telephone advice at other times please call: 080 8278 7965 (Freephone)

Mon:   10.00 – 1.00

Tues:   10.00 – 1.00

Wed & Thurs: 2 – 4.30

For Debt Advice

020 8309 8646

For details of our other services, please visit our website. You can also submit an online enquiry at www.greenwichcab.org.uk.

Click below to see the full table of Greenwich Citizens Advice Service contact times from April 2022.

Client Service Schedule From 1st April 2022

Access Card

The Access Card (sometimes referred to as the CredAbility Card or a Nimbus Card) is a card like no other; we translate your disability/impairment into symbols that highlight the barriers you face and the reasonable adjustments you might need.

Think of it as a Disability Passport.

This then informs providers quickly and discreetly about the support you need and may gain you access to things like concessionary ticket prices and complex reasonable adjustments without having to go into loads of personal detail.

It’s all based on your rights under the Equality Act and providers’ responsibilities.


Videos for parents/carers with children who have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and those with a child on the ASD assessment pathway

The Royal Borough of Greenwich (RBG) has created this series of videos to provide information, strategies and support for families who have a child/children with a diagnosis of ASD, as well as those with a child on the ASD assessment pathway.

Families told RBG that they need more support whilst they wait for diagnosis and immediately after. The purpose of the video series is to provide families with accessible information to help parents/carers understand ASD and develop strategies to support their children.

Royal Greenwich want to ensure families in Royal Greenwich have access to the right information, at the right time.

The videos were produced with Royal Borough of Greenwich, the Greenwich Parent Carer Participation Forum, SEL ICB Greenwich, Oxleas NHS Trust and CAMHS and are being added to, so keep an eye out for additional videos on the RBG YouTube Channel Royal Greenwich – YouTube


We specialise in supporting people who have learning disabilities or autism, who may also have sight loss. Through our support, people live ambitious lives and achieve things they never thought possible, whether that’s forming more friendships and relationships, enjoying new experiences and activities or finding employment.

We encourage people with disabilities to challenge what they expect from life, from themselves and from wider society.

The people we support overcome huge barriers to achieve exciting new things every day – they challenge us all to think about what’s possible and to rethink disability.

Our self-advocacy, influencing, supported employment and digital inclusion programmes mean more people with disabilities can achieve their ambitions, while challenging assumptions, attitudes and policies.

Registered as The Royal School for the Blind, SeeAbility is one of the oldest disability charities in the UK and has pioneered specialist support for over 220 years.

Head to the website for more information.

RSE Workshops For Parents

RSE workshops for parents are run by our RSE lead, Claire Burton. In it they can find out about our curriculum, why it is taught and how to support students at home. Resources are shared to use at home to support consistent learning between home and school.

The workshop includes:

  • What is ‘RSE’?
  • Why is it important for us to teach this?
  • How are we teaching this at Charlton Park Academy?
  • Developing confidence in talking about this topic at home
  • How can we work together to support our young people?
  • Classroom learning experiences
  • Resource sharing
  • Questions

To find out more please contact Claire Burton by emailing cburton@charltonparkacademy.co.uk or Sara Johnson at sjohnson@charltonparkacademy.co.uk.

We look forward to seeing you at our next workshop.

Help with the cost of living, Easy Read Info Pack

Prices are going up for lots of things like food and electricity.

The Royal Borough of Greenwich can help you if you are struggling with things like:• Benefits.
• Housing.
• Health.
• Finding a job.

You can look at our website for support here:

You can call Live Well Greenwich free
on 0800 470 4831

You can email us at:

Let us know how you are coping

To see the full info pack click here.

Updated Greenwich Wheelchair Services Contact Details

Dear all,

Following a period of change in the provision of Greenwich wheelchair services, I wanted to just update you with the new details for the service. It’s generally useful to contact me if you have any concerns regarding a complex wheelchair, but for basic repairs or a referral to the service, this can be done through the following contact details:

Email: greenwich.wheelchairservice@nhs.net
0203 045 5100 (Inspire’s main number) press option 4 for the Wheelchair Service
01322 520560 press option 4 for the Wheelchair Service
Approved Repair Service for the Wheelchair Service – 01322 520 570

The above details are also available on their website https://inspirecommunitytrust.org

Kind regards,

Brinda Assi
Highly Specialist Children’s Physiotherapist
Charlton Park Academy School (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and Willow Dene School (Wednesdays)
Please note I work Tuesday-Thursday only.

Children’s Physiotherapy Department
Greenwich Community Health Services
Goldie Leigh
Lodge Hill
Abbey Wood
Tel: Central Admin: 0208 836 8621.
Direct: 07767 732725 (Phone / SMS / WhatsApp)
Email: brinda.assi@nhs.net

The Best Activities For Autistic Children in London

It is estimated that around 700,000 people in the UK have a diagnosis of autism and that one in 100 children in the UK have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.

Thankfully London is an incredibly accommodating city with plenty of fun and friendly options for families with autistic children.

To see our list of things to do CLICK HERE.

Mayor of London’s Cost of Living Hub

The Mayor of London has launched a new Cost of Living Hub for Londoners facing financial hardship, as a result of spiralling inflation, increases in National Insurance and Council Tax, and the lifting of the energy price cap. The hub helps Londoners access information, support and advice about claiming benefits, dealing with debt, financial management and mental health support.

To explore the hub, please visit https://www.london.gov.uk/cost-living-hub.

The content on the hub will be developed and updated as we bring online further help and advice in the coming months. If you have feedback or suggestions on the hub, please contact Lizzie.Mahoney@london.gov.uk.