MOVE Day 2018, MOVE at the Circus
MOVE Day 2018, MOVE at the Circus

What is MOVE?

MOVE is an acronym for Mobility Opportunities Via Education. It is a programme that uses the education system to teach disabled children the skills of sitting, standing, walking and transferring. It brings the students, their families, the teaching staff and relevant therapists together in order to work toward a shared, functional goal e.g. for a student to be able to feed themselves, maintain an erect head position in order to watch TV or be able to take trips out with their families without relying on a wheelchair.

Charlton Park Academy is extremely committed to using MOVE. We were the first school to be awarded the MOVE quality mark and we are also a MOVE Centre of Excellence. Our MOVE students are provided with detailed programmes which provide guidelines on how to achieve their goals. These programmes are integrated throughout the student’s week by their teachers and LSAs who monitor and report on student progress. Recommendations as to how parents can support their students in using MOVE at home are also included in their programmes. We also offer MOVE groups within school as focused sessions to work on the necessary skills and so students are being seen regularly by MOVE specialists.

We have seen huge benefits for our MOVE students since the programme was introduced over six years ago. These include: increased independence; ability and opportunities to socialise with others and build relationships; improved ability to learn/access the education system and we have recently performed a study which demonstrates the positive impact MOVE can have on a student’s health. You can access our case studies on this website, which will give you an indication as to how MOVE can help a wide range of students, regardless of the severity of their disability.

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Tuesday 3 July

This year, the theme of National Move Day was “Move at the Circus”!
This theme gave us the perfect opportunity to celebrate our achievements in the most fun way possible – we got creative!

National Move Day is an annual event which aims to celebrate the life-changing impact that The Move Programme has for children with disabilities and complex needs.

National Move Day is a chance for all schools and organisations using The Move Programme to share their experiences and celebrate the great achievements of pupils. Move Day can take place at any point during the summer term; giving each organisation the flexibility to take part on a day that suits you.

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