Curriculum Overview

A new assessment framework
for Charlton Park Academy

During the autumn term 2017 Charlton Park Academy trialled a new assessment framework, focussed areas included English and Maths. The framework is called ‘Charlton Park Academy P Steps’ (CPA P Steps).  After a successful trial we are now transferring all KS3 and 4 students to this new assessment framework during the spring term 2018.


  • What are the Charlton Park P Steps?

The ‘CPA P’ Steps retain the labelling system used in the P Scales.  The new scale runs from P1-P14. The lower levels of P1-P3 are still subdivided, to reflect the slower rate of progress made by students at the beginning of their learning journey.  P9 and above link to the National Curriculum.  Each level is defined by 10 descriptors.  The descriptors have been developed from the original P Scale descriptors, old national curriculum level descriptors, the new national curriculum framework, assessment objectives within WJEC and Gateway accreditation, the Routes for Learning PMLD curriculum descriptors and the descriptors written by Wilson Stuart School.

  • Will my child’s level change as a result of the move to the new framework?

The new and old frameworks are both based on the concept of developmental age so a student assessed as being P5 in the old framework will generally be assessed as P5 in the new framework.

However, the descriptors are more robust and given there are now 10 descriptors to achieve within a level, they have a slightly different focus, and this combined with the “spikey profile” of some students (i.e. they can be more advanced in some areas than others) may lead to some small changes. Please do not worry if you see changes in your child’s levels when they are assessed using the new system. In particular, do not interpret a lower level as a sign that your child has gone backwards or regressed.  We are completing rigorous moderation of new levels to ensure baselining is accurate and that the new levels reflect what the students have achieved.

  • What happens next?

All students will be given a new baseline level in English and Maths.  From this point we will set targets and review regularly as part of our student progress monitoring.  During annual reviews and parent information sessions and within end of year reports your child’s levels will be shared.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher if you require further information.

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