KS3 and 4 Subject Updates

Safer Internet Day 2019

Safer Internet Day will be on Tuesday 5 February 2019
Safer Internet Day 2019 will be celebrated globally with the theme: Together for a better internet.


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Science | 2017-18 Update


“It has been another successful year for Science at Charlton Park Academy.”


Accreditation update:

Key Stage 4 Update
Key Stage 4 learners have spent 60 hours improving on their scientific knowledge, investigative and practical skills and as a result will gain an accredited certificate for their efforts.

In Class Cyprus students have completed five ASDAN Science Short Courses broadening on their scientific experience, developed their employability skills, working as a team and personal effectiveness.

Classes Baker Street, Notting Hill Gate, Richmond and Wimbledon have all completed four AQA Unit Award Schemes, including Earth, Magnets, Materials and Keeping Healthy. For a more real-life experience, students dissected a lamb’s heart. We looked at the left and right side of the heart, blood vessels and fat deposits, this giving an insight to the build-up of fat, the strain it can have on the heart and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Students in year 10 have completed their first year of the AQA Unit Award Scheme and will continue with this in the forthcoming 2018/19 academic year. Very well done to all students who have participated in accreditation.

Key stage 3 update
Key Stage 3 learners have had a very successful year working on four topics including: Light & Sound, Earth & Beyond, Separating Materials and Living Things.

In December, Class London Bridge visited The Peter Harrison Planetarium in Greenwich for a tour of the Universe and to experience the wonders of the night sky, we even enjoyed a Q&A session with a real astronomer, an out of this world experience! Classes Bond Street and Covent Garden were transfixed by the transformation of caterpillars into butterflies in our topic Living Things and with help from Emily and Claire, students carefully released their adult butterflies into the wild.

British Science Week 2018, 12 – 18 March
Staff and students enjoyed a week of activities celebrating science, technology, engineering and maths. The theme for this year was “exploration and discovery” with our two most popular activities being Plastic Milk and Escape from the Ice. During our Plastic Milk activity, students made a mass of lumpy blobs by heating and stirring milk, food colouring and vinegar. For Escape from the Ice, each student chose a plastic adventurer, dropped it into a cup of water before freezing it. When frozen, students discussed how they could free their adventurer, before carrying out their task. Some students chose to place their ice under warm water, while some chose to leave the ice to melt in room temperature, our more adventurous students went out into the playground to smash their ice on the floor. Ouch!

Finally, a huge thanks to all staff and students at CPA who were involved in the teaching and learning of science. I hope it has been a memorable year and one that students have enjoyed and, as a result, have become more confident in their knowledge of science Have a well-deserved summer break and be prepared for more fun next year, including AQA & EQUALS Accreditation and British Science Week, March 2019.

SCIENCE LEAD: Siân Welshman

Art | 2017-18 Update

Congratulations to Ben, Allias, Quoc and Megan who have just finished their Art GCSE course. It is amazing to see the fantastic progress they have made over the last 2 years. They have matured into excellent artists and have created some truly inspiring and beautiful art work. They should be very proud of their achievements and I am confident that they will receive very good grades in August. Very well done!


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