Key Stage 4 – Philosophy

Class Cyprus become Philosophers!

Class Cyprus are thinking hard. We recently started doing philosophy once a week. How boring, you might think – all those dead Greek men. Not at all. We are learning how to be philosophers and think philosophically.

Each week the class are given a stimulus – something to get their brain juices flowing and they generate philosophical questions based on their ideas. Then we vote for our favourite question – the one we think will produce the most interesting discussion (not the one our best friend came up with!). The question with the most votes is taken forward into a philosophical enquiry. This is where we sit in a circle and discuss the question, taking turns to speak and listen carefully to others. Mark and Zoë who lead the session constantly challenge the class to think harder and deeper and try to get them to reach some kind of agreement.

This week the stimulus was a scratch card. Read the questions Class Cyprus came up with after talking about that. What makes them good philosophical questions?

Stimulus for the lesson: A scratch card

  • Does money make you happy?
  • Is life all about money?
  • Would you feel happy if you were rich?
  • What does it mean to be rich?
  • Does having freedom make you feel excited?
  • Would you feel happy if you were rich?
  • Does being famous make you happy?

Keep an eye on our website to see what Class Cyprus will come up with next!

Sculpture of Aristotle
Students is a circle talking
Students discussing philosophical questions about scratch cards

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