Parent-Occupational Therapy Session, Training for parents

We met with parents on the 11th of March to discuss how to develop routines and organisational skills to develop students’ ability to function more independently as well as their emotional and social health. Therapists talked about self-care tasks, including toileting and dressing and the building blocks necessary to develop these skills.

There is a further follow up session on Monday, June 3, 2024

Please let Sara Johnson (parent liaison support) know if you would like to attend

Parent session: SALT, March 2024

We organised a parent session, which covered who the SALT team is, who they work with, and how they work within a special school. This included both communication and eating and drinking needs. We will also cover how we work alongside other professionals.

Parents thought the session was extremely useful and informative.

The next Speech and language parent session is on Tuesday, May 14th.

Communication: Core Words


We started a new project at CPA to support beginning and struggling communicators. School wide we are focusing on using a small set of powerful words, symbols and signs called core words.

Core words are the building blocks of language and include words such as like, want, more, not, and go. As we all use these words often they provide many opportunities to teach our children how to use them too. For example, we only use words like drink, book or iPad a few times a day. But we use want, not or more countless times! We can say we want (drink), not (iPad) or more (book) or combine them to say not want more (brussels sprouts)!


Here are 3 steps you can take to support your child using core words at home.

  1. Request a core words chart. Please let your teacher know and we can send it home
  2. Use the communication chart yourself. We teach our children how to use the symbols by showing them. Here’s a quick video on getting started:
  3. Have fun! Encourage your child to use the core word chart but don’t require it. Find fun and motivating times to use it yourself and in time your child will want to join in. Don’t worry if it takes awhile, it’ll be worth the wait!


The Communication Team will be inviting you to opportunities as well as update our website so you can learn more about supporting

English: Reading Wise


Zoë Tillotson gives a presentation on ReadingWise and how we use it at
Charlton Park Academy, plus general information about phonics and the
importance of reading. (10 mins)

Helping Children to Think Critically about Fake News and Prejudice

A course to increase your understanding of the challenges young people face with social media and false information, and to equip you with the confidence, skills and knowledge to effectively discuss misinformation and prejudice with children.


Free e-learning course for parents/carers:

Graphic with child and text about critical thinking