Event Details

This event finished on 29 November 2019

Venue: Trinity Place, 265 Burrage Road London SE18 7JW

Greenwich CAMHS is offering to parents/carers with children who are experiencing anxiety three group sessions:

The group aims to help parents to:

  • Develop understanding of anxiety in children with additional needs (e.g. Autistic spectrum disorder)
  • Learn how to support their anxious child
  • Identify behaviours which may be accommodating their child’s anxiety
  • Develop ways to manage their own anxiety and stress.

The group will also be a good opportunity to meet other parents in the same situation and to discuss and share ideas. Sara Johnson will also be attending the group & supporting parents.

The group will run across 3 sessions, with an additional individual review session at the end. Please see below dates for the group sessions. Individual sessions will be arranged following completion of group.

The group will be run by Hannah Grimsley, Senior Clinical Nurse, Jessica Florio, CAMHS Specialist Nurse & Kate Thornton, CAMHS Family Therapist, Sara Johnson, Family Support Worker CPA.


  • Friday 15 November 10-12pm
  • Friday 22 November 10-12pm
  • Friday 29 November 10-12pm

If you would like to attend please contact Sara Johnson
or Greenwich CAMHS Tel: 020 3260 5211
Invitation Letter to parents/carers | 2019 CAMHS