Curriculum Overview

Charlton Park Academy Performance Data

We have designed a curriculum overview for each of the key stages.

Each Key Stage curriculum offer sets out what we are trying to achieve, how we organise our learning and how we evidence impact.

Subjects are divided into core subject areas, foundation subjects, and enriched curriculum areas. Communication permeates all subjects and curriculum areas. At Post 16, emphasis is afforded to the Preparing for Adulthood Strategy, aiming to secure quality, coherence and consistency.


Core Subjects


  • English
  • Maths
  • Relationships & Sexuality Education (RSE)
  • Health Education


Foundation subjects include:


  • Vocational Studies; work related learning, design technology, food technology, work skills and careers / employability skills, enterprise.
  • Science and Technology; science, understanding of our world, ICT, environmental control and online safety.
  • Creative and Cultural Learning; music, culture, humanities, R.E and British values
  • Art
  • Health Related Exercise
  • Social and Emotional Development where links are made to holistic EHCP outcomes and individual need.


Class London Bridge produced some fantastic poetry that was inspired by the poem The British by Benjamin Zephaniah for National Poetry Day:

Poem 1   |   Poem 2   |   Poem 3

Fitness and Health

Two children on fitness machines


Back of boy pointing at symbols of Diwali