Alongside the core and foundation subjects we offer a range of enrichment curriculum activities that support students in their development and offer them the opportunity to progress in a range of skills as they move into adulthood.


These include:

  • horticulture
  • climate action
  • school council
  • travel training
  • community activities
  • choir
  • residential trips
  • fitness and well-being
  • swimming
  • hydrotherapy
  • bee keeping
  • cycling
  • and Duke of Edinburgh Award.  


These sessions are planned alongside our core offer and run daily, weekly, termly or on a rotation as the young person moves through the school depending on their individual needs and interests.    Those who show interests in specific activities are encouraged to take on more responsibility in their chosen areas as they move through the school for example leading the choir or running the school council.   

Beekeeping image
Students doing fitness training