10.00am:  Welcome

10.10am: Opening speaker – Abdi Omar

Our Guest Speaker
 is Abdi Omar, as described on his Twitter profile ‘ Motivator. Youtuber. Husband. Comedian. Inspired to be the first Disabled Ambassador for 
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/ABDIOMARTV


10.30am: Communication Works

11.00am – 11.25am

Seminar Room 1

  • Presenter:  Jo Dilworth – SEN consultant
  • Company:  LGfL
  • Title: Using LGfL Resources to support SEND and Inclusion

Seminar: LGfL is a charitable trust and community of schools and local authorities committed to using technology to enhance teaching & learning. 96% of London schools receive their internet access and additional services through LGfL, and have access to a huge range of inclusive, online learning resources at no further cost. This session will give you an overview of our SEND resources including WordQ SpeakQ, a powerful literacy toolbar; 15,000 Widgit symbols and worksheets; the Audio Network music database; the award winning Fairytales and Early Shakespeare from SEN Assist, Employability by AXIS Education and Busy Things and more.


Seminar Room 2

  • Presenter:  Katie Fitch
  • Company:  Crick Software Ltd
  • Title: Communication beyond the core with Clicker Communicator

Seminar: In this session, Katie Fitch will explore how Clicker Communicator enables AAC users to move beyond core communication and take an active vocal part in classroom activities across the curriculum.

11.30am – 11.55am

Seminar Room 1

  • Presenter:  Jeniffer De Almeida
  • Company:  Tobii Dynavox
  • Title: Snap + Core First- An ecosystem for a lifetime

Seminar: This session will introduce the Snap + Core First Ecosystem – hardware, software, vocabulary, and supports.  Use simple and transparent AAC and free intervention supports to encourage engagement, literacy, and growth in AAC users regardless of skill level.


Seminar Room 2

  • Presenter: Jay Tuck
  • Company: Smartbox
  • Title: Grid for iPad

Seminar: Our flagship Grid software is now available on iPad – packed with features and resources to support a wide range of communication needs.

12noon – 12.25pm

Seminar Room 1

  • Presenter: Nadine Farris
  • Company: Inclusive Technology Ltd
  • Title: HelpKidzLearn, ChooseIt! Maker 3, Apps and more!

Seminar:: An overview of the amazing range of accessible activities available on HKL, together with a demonstration of how to create choice making activities quickly and easily with CM3! You will also gain an introduction to the iPad/tablet Apps and accessories we offer, to enable easy access to engaging resources via touch, switch or joystick control.


Seminar Room 2

  • Presenter: Jim Bowen
  • Company:  Scanning Pens
  • Title: Introduction to Scanning Pen

Seminar: Brief introduction to Scanning Pens, talking about the benefit and current legalisations of both the Exam Reader and Reader Pen. Plus, best practice and any questions.

12.30pm – 1.30pm:  LUNCH BREAK

1.30pm – 1.55pm

Seminar Room 1

  • Presenter: Keene Braganza
  • Company: KAZ Type
  • Title: Introduction to KAZ’s new Neurodiverse Touch Typing Software

Seminar: In this session Keene will talk about the importance of touch typing as a ‘life skill’ and give a brief overview of KAZ’s new Neurodiverse touch typing software, developed with the Dyslexia Research Trust – teaching typing skills whilst addressing disturbances related to visual stress by means of a unique preference screen. Suitable for individuals with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD, ASD, Tourette Syndrome and Visual Stress, amongst others.


Seminar Room 2

  • Presenter: Wendy Garnett (Occupational Therapist)
    and Charlotte Sax (Speech and Language Therapist)
  • Company: Guys and St Thomas Assistive Communication Service
  • Title: An Introduction to Specialist AAC Assessment Services in London

Seminar: The Specialist Assessment Services were set up in 2015 to assess for, provide and maintain High Tech Communication aids for children and adults.  We also provide advice, consultation and training for local health and education professionals. We will give an overview of the services we provide and explain who and how you can refer to us.

2.00pm – 2.25pm

Seminar Room 1

  • Presenter: Caris (student at Charlton Park), Claire (Communication support Worker) and Yasmin (Speech and Language Therapist)
  • Company: Charlton Park Academy

Seminar: How Talking Mats has enabled and empowered someone with complex physical needs to make decisions about her life and increase her independence.


Seminar Room 2

  • Presenter: Reeza Awoodun
  • Company: Inspiration
  • Title: Inspiration Maps for iPads and iPhones – mind mapping and note taking on the move

Seminar: Inspiration Maps can be used on iOS mobile devices to help students with specific learning difficulties brain storm, mind map, plan, take notes and write essays, making it ideal for use in lectures, classes and field trips, where a laptop is less convenient. Students can import and export documents between Inspiration Maps & Inspiration 9, as well as share files with other apps on their iOS device.

In this session you will be given an introductory tour of app, looking at the advantages for mind mapping on mobile devices.