Criteria for Admission

From September 2018 we are expanding our provision for children and young people with social communication and other complex needs. This will be on alternate evenings or integrated provision where appropriate.

  • Children/young people with a full statement of Special Educational Needs or EHCP.
  • Children/young people with severe learning/physical disability, requiring high levels of staffing support.
  • Children/young people that may benefit from an extended MOVE programme to support a more independent adult life.
  • Children/young people with medical needs who require intervention from an appropriately trained nursing health worker, to meet their daily activities of living and to access their education.
  • Children/young people requiring use of equipment to support their daily activities of living, i.e. Bi-pap, suction, gastro feeding, wheelchair, walking aids and positioning aids.
  • Children/young people at risk of deterioration of their condition or abilities.
  • Children/young people with social communication and other complex needs.

Please visit Mulberry Tree House’s page for more information

  • Mulberry Tree House Contact Details
    School Office: 020 8249 6844
    Mulberry Tree House Mobile: 07805 703 622
    Mulberry Tree House Office: ext 254
  • Charlton Park Academy website:
  • Mulberry Tree House,
    Head of Care
    Charlton Park Road, London, SE7 8HX
  • CPA Email:
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Statement of Purpose


In Rainbow House we set out to provide a local solution for students with high levels of need and their families, high quality parental support and social care needs after multi-agency assessment/identification, this keeps children/young people educated and accommodated locally within their communities.

We offer access to short breaks during weekdays and during term time, but hope to offer weekends and holidays soon.

All children/young people who access the provision are safely cared for and encouraged to participate positively with activities on offer.  Children/young people are consulted about what they wish to do and activities stem from this. The wellbeing of the children/young people is of prime importance and this is ensured through a holistic approach encompassing pastoral care, education, medical, spiritual, emotional support and working with parents/carers /school staff and other agencies to create an environment where children/young people feel safe, secure and able to grow emotionally.

All children/young people have their own personal bedroom space; have access to a wide range of services within the school including therapies, swimming and after school clubs. Rainbow House is staffed with highly trained, experienced and dedicated staff. Each child/young person has a designated Key Worker who develops the Care Plan with all the key people. These are reviewed annually.

Children/young people needing intimate care because of their needs are safeguarded through staff being trained to ensure every effort is made to respect student’s dignity, privacy and self esteem at all times. All staff have regular updating of key skills and knowledge through training, mentoring and supervision to ensure high standards of care are maintained at all times.


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