Charlton Park Academy is based in Greenwich as a Residential Special Academy since August 2012.


We are a special academy for students with low incidence special educational needs. These school places primarily are for pupils for whom special education setting is required. We have a small residential unit for pupils admitted with complex care needs benefiting from extended educational provision.

All students applying should have an EHCP for placement in the school. We do not admit pupils with Emotional or Behavioural difficulties for health and safety reasons. We have a current population of vulnerable pupils. This means that virtually all pupils applying and admitted must have levels of attainment at Pre national curriculum levels in English and Maths by year 6, and have complex and/or severe learning difficulties on their statement. Pupils with these needs have the priority placement and our total admission number at year 7 entry per year is now set at 15 places due to restrictions on our total capacity.

Charlton Park Academy Core Values

We are proud to be relaunching our core values. We want all our students to Communicate, Persevere and Achieve with our central core value being ‘Be Nice, Be Kind’.

Our brand new posters highlight our core values:

Learn – Trying our best, hard working and focused

Honest – Responsible and Safe

Respectful – Polite, Listening, Calm and Tolerant

Kind – Friendly, Caring and Loving

Happy – Laughing, Fun and Enjoyable

Helpful – Teamwork and Sharing

Charlton Park Academy Core Values poster

You can download a copy of our Core Values poster here.

 Academy Vision and Mission Statement

Our Mission: To provide outstanding educational opportunities and outcomes.

Academy Aims: To enable all students to become:

  • Successful and happy learners
  • Confident, resilient individuals
  • Responsible, friendly citizens


  • Where individuals and team work are valued, personal endeavour and responsibility are encouraged.
  • High expectations of aspirational professional standards and leadership for all staff.
  • Effective pastoral support for students and staff, including effective support for all families and effective liaison with outside agencies.
  • Good standards of self managing behaviour developed and supported by policies and practice which promote self-discipline and responsible attitudes.
  • Strong sense of community with strong links between the academy, all providers and the wider public community.
  • A well maintained learning environment fully compliant with Health and safety legislation, with grounds, building, equipment and learning resources conducive to effective learning.

Our Vision: All learners experience an exemplary education.

Academy Improvement Target Areas
To become an outstanding academy by:

  • Consistently supporting, making teaching exciting & fun leading to good and outstanding and useful learning.
  • Celebrating, recognising, reinforcing achievements.
  • Enriching curriculum, developing life skills and preparing realistically for adult life.
  • Enhancing stronger, local productive partnerships for the benefit of students, parents, carers and wider public benefit.
  • Effective leadership, supportive management and good value for money.


Promoting British Values

The government and OFSTED have introduced ‘Four British Values’ that all schools are required to teach. They are:

  • Mutual Respect and the tolerance of those with different Faiths and Beliefs
  • Democracy
  • Rule of Law
  • Individual Liberty

Climate Resilient School

95 schools across London signed up to the programme which has been funded by the Mayor of London, Department for Education and Thames Water. The programme targeted schools most vulnerable to climate change with schools being in the top 10% for surface water flood risk in the Thames Water region according to the Environment Agency’s flood risk maps. It also falls in the most vulnerable bands of the GLA’s Climate Risk Mapping.

We have improved our energy efficiency rating from an E in 2022 to a D in 2023, thanks to our new boiler and energy reduction measures throughout the school. Compare our certificates from 2022 to 2023 to see our improvements.

Charlton Park Academy DEC 2022

Charlton Park Academy DEC 2023