CPA Parent/Carer Workshops | Online

Thursday 17 March 10-11am

Parent/Carer Matters with Niall Fallon and Sara Johnson

Come along to discuss school matters with Senior Vice Principal, Niall Fallon and myself Sara Johnson

What is working well and what would you like to see improve in relating to your child/young person attending Charlton Park Academy- how can we help you.


Thursday 24 March 10-11am

Core Words with Parents/Carers

Core words make up 75-80% of the words in our day-to-day speech. These are words such as ‘like’, ‘want’, ‘go’ and ‘more’. By giving learners quick access to these core words, we’re providing them with a powerful tool to communicate whatever they want to say.

Please come along to understand what students are learning.
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If you would like to join any of the sessions above and receive a Teams link please contact Sara. Details below:

Sara Johnson | Parent Support
tel: 020 8249 6844 ext. 261

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