Red Nose Day 2021

Graphic with a photo of a woman in a wheelchair for fundraising ideas
Red banner with a young boy with a red nose

(Bad joke alert!) What did the tomato say to the other tomato during a race?

Friday 19 March


Next week, Friday 19 March is Red Nose Day.

The official theme is raising money through humour so we are asking for all staff and students to come to school wearing something that will make others laugh* – something silly or funny!

There will be activities in classes during the day with the aim to make each other laugh. This could be learning and telling jokes, learning a comedy sketch or creating a funny dance. However, the main thing is to be creative and funny!

There will be a Red Nose Day Assembly at 2pm to celebrate together – a chance for us all to show off our outfits and share what we have been doing to make each other laugh during the day.

We are looking forward to spending the day with huge smiles on our faces and a laughter filled day.


* Please make sure that your funny outfit of choice still fits within school dress code and is appropriate to wear at school.