Planning Lockdown Arrangements – Health and Safety Day 6th January 2021

Dear Parents & Carers,

I am writing to let you know that we are calling an additional emergency health and safety day for Wednesday 6th January 2021.

Currently, staff are not returning to work due to COVID infections themselves, lock down, isolation and community infection rates. Many also have their own underlying health conditions, which makes them too vulnerable to exposure to COVID-19 and its potentially catastrophic effects.

You will also be aware that our local hospital is now full and has had its own emergency incidents and is also short of front-line staff.

We are planning our staff availability on a class-by-class basis using risk assessments. Staff will be in touch to talk to families today and tomorrow about what we can offer each pupil.

We are seeking to provide education on site, but this may not be possible for all pupils, due to the significant reduction of staff available.

Ongoing review of staffing levels will occur daily. As numbers of staff increase, we will be able to offer more places. Safety of pupils is our top priority.

If you require additional support please contact Sara Johnson,

Please accept our apologies about these late changes that have had to take place at very short notice, due to the fast-changing nature of the Pandemic and lockdown crisis we are now in.

Regards and best wishes,

Graham Harknett
Chair of Governors


Planning and Lockdown Arrangements 5.1.21.pdf

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