Notice of: Extra INSET days for Health and Safety Reasons Monday and Tuesday 4th and 5th January 2021


Dear Parents and Carers,
As we are sure you are aware, COVID-19 Infection rates locally have escalated over the Christmas period and as a result, our staffing numbers are dramatically reduced. Staff have  major concerns about the safety of their workplace due to the new strain of Coronavirus that is being transmitted so quickly locally. This is having a detrimental impact upon vulnerable children and adults, especially those with underlying health conditions.
We are writing to advise you that we will be taking two INSET days at the beginning of term, 4th and 5th of January 2021. We are using this time to prepare for testing all our staff workforce for COVID-19 and urgent review of risk assessment arrangements, given the very high community rates of infection. We are grateful for all the parents and carers that have already taken children to be tested and this will be factored into our risk assessments as to and of when we are able to provide face to face support in school later this week, where possible.
This means that CPA will be closed for face-to-face teaching and support on Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th January in the first instance. We will provide limited support for key worker and most vulnerable children from Wednesday onwards, this is directly dependent upon staffing levels we have available and associated risk planning. For example, if we only have 20% of staff available to work on-site, we will only be able to provide face to face education for up to 20% of pupils on-site, as a rule of thumb. We must prioritise key worker families and the most vulnerable children by conducting a thorough risk assessments, this process has already begun. If families can manage without a day place for a short while and access remote learning, this will be authorised by us automatically. This is similar situation as Lockdown 1 but will not be for as long. Keep your children safe is our strong advice and they are safest at home with you.
We know all our pupils are vulnerable, but if you have extremely high welfare needs or other particular needs please email our parent partnership officer Sara Johnson on or leave a phone
message describing the support or help you require on 0208 249 6844 x 261. Sara will be working in close contactwith all the  Senior Leadership Team (SMT) in all aspects of our continuing role to support you all, in the best ways we can, given the circumstances.
We have been advised by teaching and support staff trade unions that staff members may not be able to come into work to support our pupils due to community health and safety concerns over the next week or more. This will mean we may be operating mainly a remote educational service from Wednesday 6th January, this may be in place until staffing levels increase again or we are able to increase numbers of pupils on site safely for all.
We will not know how many staff we have available for work until Monday. Therefore, we will be keeping staffing and pupil levels under daily review for the foreseeable future as this is a fast-moving situation.
SMT will be in touch with parents directly beginning Monday 4th January as to contingency planning.
We will be working closely with the council, health and social care to support all vulnerable families. We would also like to apologise for such a fragmented start to this year. We will do everything in our powers to help and assist you.
Regards and best wishes
Graham Harknett
Chair of Governors