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Dear Parents and Carers,

You will all be aware that COVID cases have quadrupled in the last two weeks locally and that community levels are extremely high and accelerating further. We are hoping that by the 18th January the latest surge will be over and that cases will be reducing substantially by secondary school closure and other measures.

Prior to returning your children to school, please can all our family groups and all our pupils attend RBG or other local COVID testing centres. Once they receive their negative test result, please can they send this into school via  before sending children back to school, so that we can ensure that positive COVID cases are not sent into classes that will cause much larger numbers of pupils and staff to be sent home.

Parents will be able to support their children through testing procedures as our staff are not able to test pupils as this is seen as a medical procedure. It is essential that risk is minimised for all the community. Please click the link below to book your appointment. More appointments will become available if there is sufficient demand next week and in future weeks.

Link: Testing for schools | Test and Trace | Royal Borough of Greenwich


  • if the parent of a vulnerable child wishes for their child to be absent from school, the parents should let the school know that the pupil will not be attending and ask for a leave of absence. The Department for Education expects schools to grant such applications for leave given the exceptional circumstances.
  • Attendance is encouraged but will not be mandatory for special school pupils and parents will not be penalised if their child does not attend.

Mark Dale-Emberton

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