DfE guidance: Summary of the key changes

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have received updated advice from the government yesterday:


DfE guidance: Summary of the key changes

  • DfE has confirmed that children and staff in secondary schools in England must wear face masks in communal areas, outside classrooms and while travelling on school buses and public transport.
  • The new guidance states that teachers in primary schools may also wear face masks, although many have already been doing so.
  • Children under 11 do not need to use face masks and older pupils with special educational needs or disabilities may also be exempt.
  • DfE has clarified that children should not be excluded from school for not wearing a face mask.
  • Guidance now clarifies that clinically extremely vulnerable staff and pupils should not go into school or college.
  • The Secretary of State confirmed that there are no plans to close schools or to move to a rota system.

Link to official guidance here.


Charlton Park Academy position is that all our pupils and staff that are able to wear face coverings on School buses, communal areas, outside classrooms and on public transport should do so.

For any parents having difficulties in providing face masks for their children, please contact Cheri on CheriDunsford@charltonparkacademy.co.uk We will arrange some face masks to be sent home to assist you in compliance with this request. If for any reason you want your children to be exempt, please can you let the school know in the home school book or bus escort.

Many thanks for complying with this request and for helping us keep school safer for your children and us all.

Mark Dale-Emberton

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