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Woodlarks Cake Sale

Join the Woodlarks family and help them to fundraise by hosting your own cake sale at school, work or home on Friday 20 September – anyone can take part! Woodlarks needs to raise awareness and funds to help the campsite, as well as being able to keep campsite fees low for users.

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Woodlarks Campsite is a campsite run by volunteers to provide holidays for disabled children and adults. 

We are always in need of donations to help keep the camp site running. The camp fees charged for attending Woodlarks barely covers 50% of the actual cost of running the camp site; the rest being covered by grants, donations, in memoriam donations and legacies.

Every penny raised will be put to good use and keep the facilities running the way you expect to find them and also keep the campsite fees as low as possible.


For further details or if you need some help with your event, then get in touch:
Twitter: @WoodlarksCamp

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