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After School Clubs 2018

The next after school clubs | October 2018

Please download the link below and sign the after school club letter if you wish your child/ren to take part:

After school clubs letter and registration form
October 2018


New afters school clubs starting at the Charlton Park Academy for the whole school (with option of transport).

We are pleased to announce that we will be finally starting the after school clubs at Charlton Park Academy starting W/C 29 October 2018 for 7 weeks (Last week will be W/C Monday 10 December 2018).

This year the structure of the clubs will be run slightly different which will hopefully work a lot better for you and your child. In recent years the school have been able to substantially reduce the cost to parents by way of funding to support the running of the clubs and therefore we were able to run the clubs at a minimal cost to parents. Charlton Park Academy will still be continuing to support the clubs by offering the premises and buses in kind however not able to offset any cost to parents so therefore costings for parents will also be reflective of the offer in place.

Chris Eather: or 07785 794 274
Rebecca Mason: or 07714 739 780

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