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Antiques Road Show

A message from the Pamela Parkes at the BBC:

Antiques Road Show leafletAs you may (or may not) know Antiques Road Show is filming
at Eltham 
Palace in Greenwich on Sunday 10 June.

At each Roadshow we try to ensure that the event is open and accessible to everyone who may want to attend. With notice we can arrange for a fast track experts table for people who may want to bring along items for valuation but who are unable to queue and we can also provide sign language interpreters. With notice we can also arrange for any other support that may be necessary to make the event open for all.

If people would like to come along just for the experience rather than bring along an item then we also have disabled parking and access to a limited number of wheelchairs.

If there are any access requests, could they be forwarded to
by the beginning of June.  Antiques Road Show leaflet

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