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Charlton Park Academy are in the process of voting for two student representatives to be part of the Greenwich Young People's Council (GYPC).

GYPC is the representative voice of all young people aged 11 to 21 living, working or studying in Greenwich. It provides opportunities for young people to be involved in decisions that affect young people. In 2012 GYPC have:

  • Created a new logo
  • Elected media representatives to work alongside Royal Greenwich Communications Department to promote positive stories
  • Promoted their mental health campaign with a flash mob zumba activity in Woolwich Square
  • Run an event to explore transport issues for young people with bus drivers and local decision makers
  • Designed new campaign posters and video for the 2013 elections

In 2013 GYPC would like to elect 2 representatives from each school to increase participation.

As GYPC members’ term of office is two years, we recommend that candidates for election should currently be in year 10 or below. If the school wishes to open elections up to year 11 students or above, a deputy must also be elected in a lower year. Should the year 11 student be elected and leave the school next year, the deputy would then take their place on GYPC.

We recommend that the elections are opened up to different year groups and are as inclusive as possible. This is a good opportunity for young people to learn about the electoral process, and to think about the issues that matter to them.  However decisions on the scope of elections will rest with each school. The minimum requirement is that there should be an election of a candidate by young people so that their representative has a mandate to represent their school.

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The Children's Society is working in partnership with the Royal Borough of Greenwich on this programme.

GYPC information and nomination form

Parent/carer letter for GYPC